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      2018年5月:Fe Powertools 授權上海妙嘉機電為大中華總代理。

      Shanghai Miaojia Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd is a company specialized in sales of international famous branded electrical equipments, located in Jinqiao Export & Fabrication Zone.

      The main brands are Magbroach from U.K, AIMCO & Heck from U.S, ARM & UNIKA from Japan,

      WSP from Canada and WIGA from Taiwan, which is characterized as small size, big power, high

      efficiency and accurate positioning. The sold products are highly appreciated by the domestic

      clients. Our company has the powerful technical supporting & Sales team, who can provide all

      round service before sales and after sales.Our main products are magnetic drill, beveling machine, tapping machine, threading machine, hydraulic wire rope cutter, hydraulic pressure crimper, hollow bit and rail drill. The products are widely used in drilling work of steel structure under any complicated working circumstances,especially applicable to ship building, wind power, paper industry, bridge, mechanical equipmentinstallation, steel structure engineering, largesized equipment maintenance, power plant maintenanceand all kinds of pipe engineering. All employees welcome all clients to consult products and negotiate business by holding the enterprise philosophy as honesty, reliability and specialist.


      滬公網安備 31011502007631號

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